Believe it or not, we – men and women alike – spend precious time to make ourselves look good and feel confident. But more than that, as much as we do it for our own benefit, let’s all admit that we put some effort into being more confident about the opposite sex too. And it’s because we seek some good attention.

It goes without saying that we just naturally crave for attention. It’s something that we need to function as humans as we build personal relationships with those around us. We love the attention and we live for the charismatic feeling we get when we get attracted to someone.

The process of how attraction plays out between people is truly a fascinating thing to see. And, there are several factors to consider when we’re talking about its stages. The subtle glances, playful compliments, even some lighthearted teasing; these are all crucial to creating that chemistry between two people. We put some extra time and care to make sure that we present ourselves in a good way in front of the person we like, but besides looking good, it’s also important to consider that we SMELL GOOD. It is common knowledge that our sense of smell is closely linked to memories. This is because we associate certain scents with a particular moment, which is why we crave to smell good; it is for us to be remembered a certain way.

Research shows that having a particular scent can be deemed as a vital key to achieving ultimate attraction. But how exactly do we make our fragrance more attractive than it already is? In fact, our body contains natural pheromones that serve as components in charge of triggering certain behaviors – such as arousal, attraction, excitement – amongst the opposite sex. Moreover, it has been shown in various scientific studies that pheromones have a powerful effect on stimulating human behaviors and awakening one’s hormones.

Pheromones may be present in all bodily secretions but it is probably most commonly known to be associated with our olfactory senses.  And although the human sense of smell is weaker compared to that of many animals, it is still very sharp in the sense that our nose can detect several kinds of scent. Now, what exactly will happen once you mix a portion of these pheromones in your cologne? Well, it doesn’t really “change” your natural scent per se, but it does influence your overall confidence. Its effect may be as subtle as a “light touch” but over time the fragrance you’ll evoke will leave people wanting to catch a whiff of it even for just one more time.