Talking about matters down below can be considered a pretty sensitive topic, especially since most of us would rather keep conversations about our privates…well, private. But keeping your manhood in good condition is important. Since it’s probably the body part that most men often value the most, it is only right to make sure your penis is always clean and healthy in order for it to serve its many purposes.

Several studies have shown that besides reducing the risk of prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction, taking care of your schlong can also [obviously] improve your sex life. Give it the care it deserves because not only will you benefit from being healthier, your partner will probably appreciate it too. But how do you even begin? Worry not, here are some easy tips to follow to keep your penile health in check.


Proper hygiene is attractive. I cannot stress this enough. We need to get rid of the toxic idea that taking care of your hygiene makes you less of a man. In fact, good hygiene will definitely make you more appealing! Moreover, you need to take special care of your member – make sure to gently wash it with water and mild soap (preferably the unscented ones) daily.


To prevent dryness, chafing, and any other intimate skin conditions, it is best to regularly moisturize your penis. There are several options, you can opt for natural remedies, but could be even more effective if you pair it with penile health creams. 

One, in particular, is AlpaMale’s Penile Health Cream; this cream contains a natural healing formula that helps nourish your penile skin and get rid of any irritations on your penis. Another benefit of using this penile cream is improved sensitivity for better intimacy!


We all know that drinking plenty of water is beneficial for one’s overall health. But it is important to note that water also helps keep your blood cells flowing – a fact that is incredibly vital for keeping your member erect when it needs to be. So make sure you are not dehydrated!

There are a bunch more factors to consider in order to maintain healthy manhood but these 3 simple tips, if observed regularly, can contribute a great deal to your penile health. It is high time you take extra care of yourself for a brighter and healthier future.